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         The various range of works we undeartake and we are the manufacturers of Silver handicrafts work, silver pooja vessels,gold pooja vessels,copper kavachams, Silver kavachams,gold kavachams,woodenchariot,copperchariot ,silverchariot and gold chariots, silver ratham, Golden rathams,gold plated,gold foamed,gold layered temple works,silverthiruvachi , Gold thiruvachi, ashta bandhanam,swarna bandhanam,silverkodimaram,copperkodimaram,gold kodimaram, Silver doors,golden doors,coppervaganam , silver vaganam, gold vaganam,silvervel, gold vel,silver greedam, Gold greedam,copper greedam,sodaja upasara set,copper kalasam,silver kalasam,golden kalasam,gold rake sticked kalasams,kavachams,silver layered wooden vaganams Silver kodam,gold sombu,silver sombu,gold kodams.,silver utensils,foils, nagas in metal, Metal coating,aalayam crafts,silver medals,gold medals,gem settings,diamond settings,antique works,ethnic works,silver patham, hastham,vibuthi pattai and all other gold, silver temple products.